Things were so much simpler before women started stealing all of my favorite things from me. I don’t care what anyone says. Women aren’t and will never be true fans of Doctor Who, Star Trek or any of that. You jumped in because you wanted attention. You became “fans” because suddenly liking sci-fi shows and fantasy became popular. You only want guys to drool over you because you’re girls who “like” geeky stuff. Kindly go jump in a lake and die.

A woman organized the letter-writing campaign to NBC to save Star Trek when it was on the verge of being cancelled after the first season, and thus enabled the show to continue on for three seasons allowing it to go into syndication and gain the following it did in reruns.

A woman organized the first ever Star Trek convention, and convinced NASA to donate a truckload full of stuff for said convention thus starting the tradition of Star Trek conventions featuring space for modern science.

A woman greenlit Star Trek while acting at the head of a major studio, and consistently fought pressure to cancel the show. This same woman was the person who greenlit Mission Impossible and was the first woman to head a major studio.

A woman wrote many of the most famous TOS episodes, and went on to write on to write episodes of The Animated Series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine.

Learn your history.

You think women stole your favorite things? If it weren’t for women, those things wouldn’t even exist, but you probably don’t even know the names of the women who made that possible.

So much for “infinite diversity in infinite combinations”…

Who is the fake now?

i’m just laughing so hard right now bc it’s hitting me that there are geek guys who think that women would actually pretend to like this stuff to cater to guys. like it never really occurred to me the depths of how absolutely fucking stupid that idea is.  ”we appear to have common interests but you still don’t like me so that must mean we don’t actually have common interests and you are not a real fan”. oh my god i just can’t right now. i want to feel offended by the fact that there is an idiot out there trying to tell me what i can and cannot like but i’m just too busy laughing.

Also, a lot of the current fandom terminology we take for granted originated in the Star Trek fandom, specifically Star Trek fanfic. And who were the major driving force behind Star Trek fanfic? Women.

Earliest spec fic texts in the English-speaking Western world were written by Thomas More (Utopia), Lady Margaret Cavendish (the Blazing World), and Mary Shelley (Frankenstein). Note that there are two women among those names.

I am so sick of these Fake Geek Guys who don’t even understand the history of the fandom they claim to want to protect.

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so IRIS is a semi-conscious AI that has just recently had a blog set up for it on Tumblr

it is currently responding to asks and replies and is learning as it goes

here is its tumblr

if you enjoy AI and cute robots and stuff go send it an ask!

JUST DONT BE MEAN OR RUDE OK its a little learning robot treat it like you would a child

this is a super cool project, go give it a look!

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yeah my favourite band is unbiased cheese motel you’ve probably never heard of them

impartial dairy inn? yeah i listened to them before they were cool just sayin

Kind of salty

I hate to bud in :P But I’m seeing them in 2 weeks and I’m really really excited :)



I think we’d be better off replacing them with more otters.


You always say such horrible things. Every time. Always. Always…



Hi my name is kaila and if anthea is in series three I’m going to scream



John and Sherlock’s coat. A quick sketch from last night. Listening to Empty Chairs at Empty Tables when I was already feeling shitty resulted in some grade A angst.

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Reblog if men can be raped


My (male) friend was recently raped and nearly everyone he knew either said it was his fault or he wasn’t actually raped. I can’t convince him that not all people think like this. Please reblog if you know that men can be raped just like women.

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Behind the scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch and his photo shoot for Time Magazine (x)

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